World School Photographs Passes 1 Million Page Views In One Week

World School Photographs Passes 1 Million Page Views In One Week


World School Photographs sets a new record and passes 1 Million page views in one week, The website is now close to 14 years old and is now considered as one of the most socially shared jokes on the Internet. It continues to grow as it’s shared over social networks in different countries. Busiest country in 2014 happens to be India, Where’s the busiest country in 2012 was Iraq. I’ve decided to share some stats to help other designers like myself understand what way the internet is going. The last image in this post is the important one. 

Countries Viewing this week



Devices used to view website:

The reason I posted this article is to show the stat below, 84% of my traffic is now mobile. Two years ago 84% of my traffic was desktop. To the ordinary internet user this may mean nothing but to someone like myself it tells me where the market is and where it’s going.



Its actually an amazing stat that tells me Mobile phones are now your personal computer, your computer is in decline and as much as companies are pushing people to buy Tablets they dont seem to be selling. Or maybe people are buying them but they aren’t using them.

Hopefully this article has been of some benefit to someone