Vodafone will double charge you because of a flaw in their system!

Vodafone will double charge you because of a flaw in their system

Recently I discovered a flaw in Vodafone’s billing system and brought it to their attention, Where did it get me? Absolutely nowhere! Why because I’m not really a valued customer it may seem.

This affects anyone who is using a Vodafone Sure Signal box and Vodafone land line broadband

For the average mobile phone user that has a sure signal box at home you probably have a 2-3gig data package, When using 3g through your sure signal box you are also uploading the very same amount of data on your land line broadband.

Sure Signal
Sure Signal
An example would be. If you had a 100meg photo and you upload this photo using 3g, The data uploaded would actually be 200meg, 100meg using the 3g on your sure signal box and 100meg would also show up on your land line broadband package. This is all well and good until you go over your data limit on your mobile device as I did last month, I uploaded approx 2gig of data in the comfort of my own home using my own 3g tower (I call it mine because I pay for it).
The flaw is that Vodafone cannot differentiate between your sure signal box and a Vodafone tower. This means that while you pay for your land line broadband, Vodafone are also charging you 3g rates for using equipment & services that you have already paid for. The result is that everyone in my situation is double charged for data usage. I have brought this to the attention of Vodafone but this was a complete waste of time. Their system will stay the same and they don’t intend on changing it. The reason I wrote this post is to bring it to the attention of persons like myself and maybe one day someone will get further than I did.