Remote Support

An easy solution for all!

We can provide remote logins to save you time, money and stress! Whether you are a business or work from home type or just an average Joe, computer problems can be a nightmare. If something happens your usual options are either

a) Send it back to the manufacture, which (if it’s still in warranty) could take a week or two

b) Drop it off to a repair man, again would mean you would be without it for a day.

c) Ask for a call out, which can be costly and depends on schedules

With our remote login however it’s a once off payment for a year’s support allowing up to 10 login sessions. Meaning it saves you money, effort and cuts down on the time you are without IT. Available anywhere with an internet connection, a short login session may be the solution for you or your business.

How does it work?

You download our unique custom quick support program which when opened you can enter a description of your problem, this is sent to us and lets us know you are ready for the login. Alternatively your PC can be set up for remote login in for when you aren’t even sitting in-front of it.

We offer 3 types of packages to be flexible to your needs. Add one to your cart then select Check out with PayPal (card payments accepted) when it appears below.

Need more logins? Get in touch for a price plan just for you- contact us.

One Login €45

5 Logins €180

10 Logins €250