Child abusers target baby monitors

Hackers terrified a ten month old baby and their parents after their baby monitor was hijacked and used to scream at their child in the middle of the night, raising real fears about the child abusers taking advantage of the wireless systems that come with such technology.

U.S. cops are investigating a spate of baby monitor hijacks including some involving paedophiles spying on children through the monitoring devices.

The latest case in Cincinnati was reported to Police after, parents Adam and Heather Schreck, heard ‘ wake up baby’ screaming from the baby monitor followed by a list of obscenities.

The hacker was able to move the camera and pointed it at the parents as they entered the room.

The wireless network was hacked and after that, it was in the control of a stranger, the parents were told by Police.

The couple told the NY Daily News that the felt ‘violated’ and ‘helpless’ and were concerned at what else the hacker did or could have done to to them.

“I heard a voice again start screaming at my daughter, ‘Wake up baby! Wake up baby!’ I was just absolutely shocked to see somebody could get into my house so easily,” the parents told FOX.

The parents have a cell phone connected to the baby monitor, observing baby, Emma, the Daily News reported.

Computer experts warned the parents that hackers commonly target webcams and any other cyber-loopholes to get access to private information and space.

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